My Secret for Second and Third Day Hair (That Looks Like First Day)

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Who else has long, thick hair that gets tiring to wash? 

Seriously, washing my hair is a huge workout for me. Not to mention if I decide to use a hair dryer to give myself a sleek and shiny blowout, because then my arms cramp and my hair gets tangled in my round brush. Bottom line; it's a huge mess and washing and styling my hair becomes a tiring chore.

I used to wash my hair every day in middle school, until I discovered Wen Cleansing Conditioners and the truth about washing your hair too much. It's just downright damaging, and you don't get to make sure of the natural oils replenishing your hair. 

Second Day Hair

I use two products for second and third day hair, not that I even have to use them if I'm having a really good hair day. If you use a good shampoo or cleansing conditioner (I recommend the latter for healthier hair), chances are that you don't have to do anything to second day hair except maybe run a few fingers through it to untangle some of the mess after sleeping on it.

If you're a normal girl and don't have a sensitive scalp, use a dry shampoo. My past favorites have been Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo and Dove's Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo. Dry shampoos are great for soaking up oil and giving you texture and volume.

If you do have a sensitive noggin' (like me), you'll want to use something without any alcohol in it. I used to use dry shampoos all the time, but they just became too much for my scalp and I switched back to baby powders. My favorite has been the Burt's Baby Bee Dusting Powder. It has a great, sweet smell that reminds me of Sweet Tarts (Is that just me?). I used to use regular drugstore baby powder, but I tried this at Nicole Guerriero's recommendation. Don't get me wrong, regular baby powder works great, but sometimes people don't like the smell of it.

Burt's Baby Bee Dusting Powder is great for those of you who can't stand dry shampoo. It's made with cornstarch, which is what gives you all the volume. I like to sprinkle some in my hand, rub it into my palms and massage it into my roots. I make sure to hit the top of my scalp and the roots by my temples, where I can tend to get oily on third day hair. 

It doesn't take too much product to get the job done; I can use this multiple times throughout the week, especially after hitting the gym or breaking a sweat. I use this on fresh hair too if I want more volume or texture. 

My key secret to fresh looking hair on your second, third, or even fourth day is to apply your dry shampoo or baby powder the night before! Sometimes when we use these sprays or powders your hair gets that dull, white cast and if you don't rub all of it in, people can definitely tell you used product. 

I like to apply this the night before and sleep on it, because by the time I wake up it's fresh as when I first wash it and I barely have to touch up before I go about my day. If you feel like you do need to style your hair in the morning, just use a wide tooth comb and brush it out lightly, but be careful to not touch your roots, because it gives you more volume to leave them as they are. If it's an unruly mess, just smooth it over. 

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