E.L.F. Cosmetics Haul & Review: Skincare Line, Brushes, and Foundations!

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I have been dying to get my hands onto the new Elf skincare line since they first announced it! I love Elf for a lot of their foundations and blushes, so I was sure that their skin care line would be just as good.

So far they only have 4 products for their skincare, but I only wanted to purchase the two I needed because I love the moisturizer I use already and I have other serums that I know work for my skin. I bought the Nourishing Night Cream ($12) and the Illuminating Eye Cream ($10)

First I'd like to start off with praising Elf for their packaging and the fact that these products don't cost an arm and a leg. They prove that makeup and beauty doesn't have to be pretentiously luxurious. It mirrors high end products and works just the same, most of of the time even better.

I was surprised at how chic the packaging looks, and it doesn't feel cheap to me. These two jars are relatively cheap as far as skincare goes, coming in at $10-12, but don't let that fool you.

I've used these for the past 2 weeks, and I was pleasantly surprised at how soft my skin felt the next morning. I admit that when I first applied this the night before, my skin tingled a bit and I thought it would break me out since I'm so sensitive. The stinging stopped once the product soaked into my skin and gave me a nice hydrated feeling.

It's not too thick or watery, so it's kind of at that perfect consistency to match your favorite moisturizer. 

I was even more surprised with the eye cream! I definitely thought that for a drugstore eye cream, this would just be boring. 

I applies just a small dot under my eyes in the same triangular pattern that I highlight in and on my eyelids as well. This gets rid of any dry patches and makes your eyes feel ten times better the next morning. I felt like my dark circles were completely gone (not that I really had them to begin with) and any kind of discoloration I had has been loads better. 

I don't know if I agree with the whole "illuminating" bit, because my skin doesn't look that much brighter, but it's definitely de-puffed them and made the area around my eyes a lot smoother. 

I already had the Flawless Finish Foundation ($6) to begin with, but I had Sand which is too dark for me when I'm not tan. Now that I'm getting a bit more color, I use half a pump of this and half a pump of Sand to get my perfect skin tone color. I love this foundation, it's one of the best drugstore foundations for only $6. I stand by this than any other high end foundation. I think whether you have oily or dry skin this will be perfect, and can be flawless with any kind of foundation tool. I like to use a combination of a stippling brush and a beauty blender. It gives you a perfect, airbrushed finish.

I use Elf's Tinted Moisturizer, but as I've been running low on it, I wanted to try their Studio BB Cream ($6). 

I'm slightly disappointed in this product. I love BB Creams, but this is one of the thickest, driest ones I've come across. It works fine with oily skin, but I think if you have dry skin you're not going to love this, which is a shame since it's a cheap option and offers good coverage. 

As a girl with a round face and chubby cheeks, I love a good contour. I rely on it to give me cheekbones and to slim my face down some. 

Here's the Studio Contouring Brush ($6). I used this brush with all of my different bronzing/contouring products, and each one looked flawless and gave me a beautiful sculpt. I think this brush is going to replace my Real Techniques Contour Brush. I don't have the NARS Ita brush to compare, but I imagine they're probably very similar. 

The next brush I picked up was the Studio Stipple Brush ($6). This brush picks up a lot of product, so a little goes a long way. If you happen to use too much, just blend it away with a damp sponge or a clean face brush. 

I have a MAC duofiber stippling brush, but I like to find cheaper alternatives. I like to use this brush with my Flawless Finish Foundation. It gives you medium coverage and you have the option to layer it on or sheer it out as you see fit. On it's own it blends the makeup pretty well onto your skin, but I like to go over it with a Beauty Blender. 

As most brushes do, this stippling brush sheds but not so much that it's a nuisance. 

Let me know what kind of Elf products you guys love or that I should check out! Talk to you guys next week! 

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