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Happy Fridaaaaaaay! 

Today I have a little sunglasses haul for you guys! The great thing is that these babies are inexpensive and still fabulously chic - a win, win situation. 

I found Sunglass Spot (@sunglassspot on Instagram) on Instagram. Their page features a ton of beauty and fashion vloggers/bloggers. 

I instantly loved how they looked just like the trendiest styles that would normally cost hundreds of dollars, but the best thing about these glasses is that they only cost $5 each! Shipping is only $5 as well, so all in all this is the sunglass website for you college girls on a budget. 

Not to mention, the shipping is the fastest shipping I've ever had! I thought they'd probably take a week, even longer with the fourth of July holiday weekend, but I received these in 3 days! No sooner had I ordered them and I received a shipping confirmation email and tracking number! I love this company! 

These are the 8818 glasses in the black frame with brown gradient lenses. I love oversized square glasses, especially for summer! If you're like me and can't wear thick framed glasses without getting a headache, these are going to be perfect for you! I was hesitant because I thought they'd give me a huge headache if I wore them too long, but I can wear them for hours and they don't hurt at all! 

The High Fashion Metal Outline Trim Frame's remind me of the Miu Miu glitter noir glasses, and I love them just as much! I have them in the black and gold frames with the gradient lenses. These are perfect for that cat eye look! 

Follow @sunglassspot on IG for promos and deals! I ordered these on the holiday weekend and got these black aviators for free! Just as stylish and great to throw in your bag or car for a backup pair! 

For every pair of glasses purchased, you also get sent a cute little protective case for them! I love these two sling bags and keep them protected in them whenever they're not in use. They also double well as a cleaning cloth for the lenses. 

I will definitely be ordering from them again! 

P.S. I've partnered with 21 other girls for a Tory Burch giveaway on my Instagram! @synderellax

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  1. Hey I've checked the collection and found it really attractive, I've also got great collection of Opium Sunglasses India at Majorbrands.

  2. Love this! I just got my SECOND order in the mail today.. I'm so obsessed with their price and styles! My first order made it on to my blog in a mini haul too :)

    Madison from


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