Hi, Internet! I'm Katie, and I'm from New Jersey. I started this blog with the intent to share my knowledge of makeup, hair, and (non-traditional) fashion to anyone who's looking for help, tips, or just has a genuine curiosity. I absolutely love writing, so getting to write about my passions comes easy to me.

They say, "Write what you know." 

I've been experimenting with makeup since middle school. I remember being so embarrassed to ask my mom if I could wear eyeliner. If only my middle school-self could see me now! 

To be honest, my sense of style hasn't changed that much. I've always been into music and alternative rock and metal bands, so my basic outfit was a band tee and a pair of jeans. Let me tell you, not much has changed about that. I just like to dress the band tees up with big necklaces and worn cardigans. I usually wear a black bag and black or leopard shoes. My style really hasn't changed that much. 

As for me personally, I'm as sarcastic as ever. That'll definitely never change.

My whole life isn't just about beauty products and what I'm wearing. When I'm not playing with makeup I dedicate my time to prose and reading. I love writing short stories. I'm a pit bull advocate. We adopted two pit bulls, Amelia (Black brindle) and Jackson (Red nose). They are my fur babies and I love them so much. 

You can follow them on their Instagram: @ameliaandjackson 

Other time is spent with my family, with our new addition Cole Jonathan, my nephew. 

Recently, I started my journey as a graphic designer. Art has been a heavy influence on my life since I was a little girl. I loved to draw, paint and color - anything that could be construed as creative. 

It wasn't until this past year that I was able to turn art into a career - graphic design. I work part time at an advertising agency I previously interned for in their public relations department. I also freelance designing blog headers, email signatures, logos and business cards. 

You can follow my design Instagram here: @_ksdesignstudio_

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