What's your name?

Where do you live?
New Jersey! The best state to live in, I think! But I'd also like to live in Manhattan, maybe not forever, but for some part of my life. I'd like the same with southern California, too. I like to think that one day I'll have a loft in the city, a house in the suburbs, and a nice beach house in Huntington Beach, CA (A girl can dream, right?). 

Why did you start your blog?
Well, one of my passions is writing, the other is makeup and fashion (Although I prefer style, because mine is very basic) . I tried the whole YouTube thing, but editing videos and having that kind of consistency with filming, lighting, editing; that just wasn't my thing. I just didn't have the time for it (Maybe later :]) But writing comes so much easier, as does photography! I like to help people with their makeup and what's going in their life.

Where did 'synderellax' come from?
It's the name of my YouTube account that I first made to start subscribing to videos waaaaay back when! It comes from my favorite guitarist's stage name (Synyster Gates). Cinderella isn't my favorite princess, but the name was just something I put together for my YouTube account. 

What is your major?
I have an Associate's degree in Communication Studies from Burlington County College and am pursuing my Bachelor's in Public Relations with a minor in Web Design at Rider University. 

Writing, books, Norman Reedus, pit bull rescue, makeup, Netflix, beauty, design, quiet mornings, the sound of ocean waves, pizza, the color gold, Avenged Sevenfold, laughing.

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