5 Ways to Survive Winter in New Jersey

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My first blog post for 2016 is fitting for anyone who's been trying to cope with this whacky NJ weather! Just a couple of weeks ago it was a balmy seventy degrees, and now it has been absolutely freezing. 

I've got five tips for how to survive winter in New Jersey, and if you're not up to braving the cold wind, just grab a cup of hot chocolate and wish for spring. 

1. Beanies

The Pom Beanie $19.99 | Colorful Money 

It's basically impossible to not look cute in a beanie. Girls look cute. Guys look cute. Babies look cute. Everyone looks cute in a beanie! Bonus? They keep your head and ears warm. Pom or no pom, you decide! 

2. Men's Pullovers

Greyther Crew $60 | Akomplice
Sure, men's pullovers look great on guys, but oversized pullovers look great with leggings and a pair of boots. I feel like guys' clothes also tend to be a hundred times comfier, which seems unfair to us girls. Plus, they're going to be so warm for the winter. 

3. Onesies 

Dreamstate Moonsie $99.00 | Set 4 Lyfe

Onesies are essential, even when you're an adult. They're cozy and comfy and the ultimate lazy outfit for when you don't want to face the snow and just stay in and watch movies all day. Don't let anyone tell you how to live your life. 

4. Sunglasses

Primo Spreads - Camo $12 | Butter Shades 
When the snow hits, you definitely don't want to be blinded by the sun. Make sure you've got a good, chic pair of sunnies to help protect your eyes.

5. All Weather Boots

Welt Santos $149 | Ozapato 
Boots boots boots boots. Drill it in your mind. A quality made, sturdy, all-weather boot is exactly what you need to survive the winters. They can be dressed down or up depending on the kind of vibe you're going for. They'll be good to you in slush and snow and keep you comfy for treks into the city. 

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