5 Ways to Destress

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Lately, I have felt super anxious and stressed - and I don't even know from what! I never know where it comes from, especially now that school is over and I've already got everything planned for the fall for my transition to Rider. But you never know where the stress and anxiety comes from, right? 

I've really only had work to focus on now that my summer class is done, which has given me more time to find new ways to destress. 

1. Spend a night in.
One of my favorite ways to treat myself after a stressful day is to grab a few movies and lock myself in my room. My guilty pleasure is chick flicks, so I like to grab two or three of my favorite ones and will clean up my room and curl up in my bed with the lights off to give me that movie theater vibe. If you're not into movies (you're crazy if you're not) then grab a good book or just plug your headphones in and lie down.

2. Go on a date.
With yourself. I know, this sounds totally stupid and you're probably thinking, Who does that? You should! I love spending time with my friends and family, but sometimes you just need to spoil yourself and take yourself out. Let's be honest, it can be a pain having to wait for other people. Why not just go out by yourself? Go see that new movie you've been dying to see, drive over to that Ulta or Sephora for some new makeup, go to the book store and browse the newly released titles.

3. Go for a drive. 
It doesn't have to be long. I've found that driving can be really therapeutic. Especially with a really good playlist. Work can get really stressful, and the two most important parts of my day are the drive to work and the drive home from work. Sometimes I'll take the long way home just to unwind. Roll your windows down and turn up your stereo! 

4. Learn something new.
If you're feeling highly anxious or stressed, it's good to find something to distract yourself with. Now's the time to learn something new! Teach yourself everything you can about the subject and don't stop until you've perfected it! It's a great distraction. And when you do perfect it, you'll be insanely proud of yourself (The other night I finally learned how to take sparkler photos, and I AM insanely proud of myself). 

5. Relax with your friends.
Summer is the perfect time to unwind with your friends. Once you're out of high school, you get sucked into the real world in an instant. You're either constantly working or at school and doing homework, so there isn't a lot of down time in between. But during the summer there's always a good excuse for a late night bonfire. I work with a majority of my friends, but we still don't have a lot of time to see each other, so we usually catch up every now and then at the gym or in between shifts, but bonfires are definitely our thing! And make sure to plan your next night out/in together. 

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