What's In My Bag (Updated April 2015) + Michael Kors Jet Set TravelTote Review

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Hellllooooooo ladies! 

Before I wanted to post about my weekend, I wanted to get this up on my new purse! I splurged and bought this for my birthday because I desperately wanted a new bag ( #treatyoself). I got a great deal on this bag from Poshmark; brand new with tags and less than half of the original price.

It's the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote in Saffiano Leather, color cofee. It's bigger than their medium tote but comes without the crossbody strap, but I haven't found it too much of a hassle to just carry on my shoulder or in the crook of my arm. 

Part of the reason I decided on a Michael Kors bag was because of the middle zippered pouch. I love having different sections in my bags for everything that I carry. This makes it easier to put books on one side and wallet and keys on the other. 

So my stuff hasn't changed too much from two months ago, but I love these posts and figured I'd share what's currently in my bag. 

I carry two notebooks with me at all times. The green one is from the dollar store, and that's just where I jot down story ideas and future blog posts when I'm on the go. If you're a writer, you should always have a notebook with you! The pink one underenath of it is from the dollar spot at Target and is where I keep track of my hours at work and anything else work related. 

In the back section of my bag I put my Kate Spade makeup bag and my Clash of Kings novel, which will be featured in Coffee Table Thursday (next week)! Let me know if you guys want a what's in my travel makeup bag. 

I always have my planner with me, because I'm a little obsessive when it comes to writing things down.  This is my life! 

I always buy cheaper sunglasses, but I used to just throw them into my bag without caring whether they got scratched or not. Now I keep them in a case. I'm currently wearing greenish-yellow mirrored aviators. I also always carry tissues with me. I just got over being sick, but now it's allergy season and my eyes have been watering constantly and my nose is still running.

Ah, my wallet! I retired the cheetah one, in favor of this nude envelope style from Asos. I overstuff this wallet so much! The inside of my wallet is just like my purse, separated by a little zippered pouch (I know I have a problem). 

And lastly is my Kate Spade pencil pouch! Actually, I think this is a makeup case but I use it for my pens and pencils for class and my planner. 

Now onto a review of the bag! I personally love purse reviews because I know that whenever I buy a new one I spend a lot of time researching it on Instagram, blogs, and YouTubes. 

I was really wary at first because of the fact that it's a little different than most of the bags I own, especially since there's no zippered top. I don'tt like to have open handbags just because I don't want to become a victim of a pick pocketer, but I really don't have any problems like that with this bag. There is a little hook to keep your bag closed, but most of the time I don't hook it. When it's on your shoulder, it fits perfectly on your arm and is shut perfectly.

I thought that this bag might be too small for me, but it's kind of the perfect size. It's not too small but it isn't one of those oversized bags. If you've already got your real world, big girl job, this is the perfect professional bag to bring to the office or school. The middle section can fit a full sized iPad or a mini, but no Macbook. A Macbook can fit either of the sides of the purse, just probably without a sleeve. 

My favorite feature of the purse is the key hook! I no longer have to spend ten minutes searching for my keys in the parking lot, because now they just clip onto the long tassel and I can reach in and grab them on my way to the car.

A lot of people worried about the thin straps, guessing that they'd probably break or rip off after a couple of heavy uses. I'm a person who uses my bag for school too, cramming it with folders and books and notebooks, and I've been using this bag for about three weeks now. I have no problem with the straps. They're comfortable on your shoulder and balance the weight. The straps are really sturdy, so I think there won't be a problem if you tend to carry a lot of stuff with you. 

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