When You Just Aren't Working Out: 7 Tips for Getting Motivated and Staying Motivated

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We've all been there. 
Excuses as to why we're 
just       not      working      out. 

No, not romantically. Please, there's a million good reasons why that's not working. 

I'm talking about your excuses for not staying active and healthy. 

"I try to go to the gym at least once a week, but life's so busy." "I eat really proportioned meals." "I walk a lot at school/work." 

We make diet and exercise plans yet we never remain faithful. Why do we always change our workout relationship status to 'It's Complicated" or "Open Relationship?" 

Make a plan and stick to it. Be committed in all aspects of your life. Sure, you'll fall off the treadmill once or twice ... just don't stay down. 

Here's my tips for getting motivated and staying motivated:

1. Join a gym.
Not only are there tons of cheap options (Planet Fitness is only $10 a month), but having a destination is enough motivation in itself! I love going to the gym and getting to drive there before and after is a little therapeutic (with the right music).

2. Grab a friend.
Or make one at the gym! I used to go to the gym periodically in high school, but I've never stuck with working out until I started working out with my friends! It's like our girls throughout the week. We blow off some steam and get healthy and two hours goes by fast when you're having fun.

3. Plan your workouts/Write them down.
I have designated days that I go to the gym; at least 3 times week after I'm done with my classes. I also always write down what exercises I did in my planner. It keeps me organized so I know what to do next and writing it down makes you want to be consistent in your exercising! 

4. Track your water intake. 
You can find these little water trackers everywhere online! Purchase them from Easy or find free printable and put them inside your planner at the end of your weekly spreads. You can fill in each water glass for each day. Make sure to have at least 8 glasses of water. Stay hydrated! 

5. Find at home workouts too. 
This is for when you can't get to the gym for real reasons (or even lazy ones). I'll throw in an at home workout for after working or on the weekends. My favorite places to find these are from Pinterest, BrettCap on YouTube, and @alexajeanfitness on Instagram. Sometimes I'll even perform these at the gym after I'm done my normal routines.

6. Make a kick ass playlist.
Choose a radio station from Pandora or one of the remade workout playlists from Spotify. Pick something that gets your blood pumping and makes you feel energized! I like anything with a lot of bass, or sometimes I'll choose Fall Out Boy and pretend I'm in a movie (you know we all do it). Who cares what you choose, as long as it gets you moving!

7. Do what's right for you.
Sometimes we go to the gym lifting too much heavy weights when she should start small first. We're just overdoing it. Don't over exert yourself! If you're lucky and have someone in your life who can tell you what you should be lifting, use them to your fullest advantage! My brother is a health/workout nut so I always ask him before I start something new to see what he thinks. If you don't have anyone like that, you can always ask one of the workers or trainers at the gym. They're there to help! 

What are your favorite exercises or motivation tips? 

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