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ColourPop is a company I have been dying to try since I've heard about them! I was so excited that all of their products seem to get good reviews and are all only $5 a piece. 

They're more famous for their lippie stix and pencils, all color matched to compliment each other, but they also have super-shock eyeshadows and now cheek products as well. What I really love about their website and company is that they make sure to show swatches of their products on various skin tones so that people can better see how well it'll look on them.

I also think it's super sweet of them to personalize your order with a handwritten card. I like companies who make it known that their customers are important to them. 

How cute is this? 

I bought their 'Queen For A Day' eye shadow set. I really liked the warm neutrals and that blackish-green and smoky purple color. 

I love these little containers they come in. I think the packaging is really aesthetically pleasing and seal great. I honestly can't believe that they are only $5. 

These shadows are straight butter! I can't believe how creamy and soft these shadows are. They are some of the smoothest shadows I've ever tried. 

BTW* Last chance to get this! ColourPop is discontinuing by Friday! 

Of course I like to use this as a highlight and sometimes as an all over lid color. You can either built it up to make it like a stark white highlight or use it as a lighter shade. 


Shameless is great for lining your eyes. It's a greenish black color with flecks of glitter but comes off really black if you use it with an angled liner brush. 

I love dark purples so BAE is a beautiful color to me. It reminds me of a galaxy. 

I'm so excited for these next two colors for spring and summer! I normally don't like warm colors as much as I like cool tones but Sequin is this beautiful copper color and I think coppers make brown eyes pop. 

As always, you guys know I like the neutral browns to fake my crease. I love that it's not too dark but doesn't completely fade into my skin tone. 

Girly, Shameless, BAE, Sequin, Neutral

Here are the swatches. The camera doesn't do them justice. They are so smooth and pretty. The glitter is really understated and I love that there's a different variety of colors in this palette. My favorites are BAE and Sequin, they're such unique colors to my collection! 

I Heart This
AHHHHHHH. Cool tone and taupe-y and this just reminds me of prom! Okay, so I actually hate everything about prom except for the hours spent getting ready and doing my makeup. I used colors like this for three proms that I went to in high school. I like to use this all over my lid and blend out the edges. 


So here's the real reason why I bought a hell of a lot of stuff from ColourPop. They came out with this matte nude, greige color. I love the Cashmere Velvetine by LimeCrime, but after the little incident with their company I decided I will not be shopping with them. Besides, I'd rather spend $5 on a lipstick and give it to a good company. 

I love this color. It's one of my go-to lip choices. My lips look really dry but be advised that this is a matte finish. If you want more of a velvet finish, take a tissue and blot some loose translucent powder over it. 


I've recently been into pink (which if you know me, is definitely not me), and wanted to get a bold color for the upcoming seasons. I don't have a lot of wearable hot pinks just because it's really hard to choose the right shade for my skin tone. I don't think this is the perfect match for my skin, but I think it will look a lot better with a nice tan. 

Bull Chic

Oh. My. God. I am always on the hunt for a good, black lipstick. I love black lipstick, and I especially love black lipstick that is just as black as my soul. I know people don't understand it, and some only think it's okay on Halloween, but who cares? UGHHH. This color is amazing! It's got a creamy matte finish and is a true black. And fear not, if you don't have a matching lip liner, the pointed edge to these lippie stix is a great alternative. 

Have you guys tried ColourPop? What are your favorites? 

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