Birthday Wishlist

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Birthday WIshlist

Hi guys! I wanted to share a couple of my birthday wish list items (Basically just some things I have really been obsessed with lately) since my birthday is this Thursday! I can't believe I'm going to be 20 already.

  1. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Tote || I actually decided to splurge and buy this for myself. I got it in the color Coffee because while I love black accessories, I hardly have any brown purses. I really love how structured and well made Michael Kors purses are.
  2. Women's 1460 Doc Martens || I have a pink floral pair of Docs, but I have been dying for a pair of plain black Docs for everyday and concert wear. If you haven't tried a pair of Docs, go out and get them! They are seriously the most comfortable pair of shoes for standing on your feet all day. 
  3. Black Leather Jacket || I've been trying to stay away from cheap jackets because I really want to save up for a decent leather jacket that I can wear all year long. I was hoping that there'd be some good sales since it's getting warmer out, but I haven't found the right jacket yet. Any suggestions? 
  4. 24K Gold Plated Carrie Name Necklace || I used to think name necklaces were really stupid, but I think it's a pretty, understated piece of jewelry. And hey, maybe people will stop spelling my name wrong! 
  5. Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker || When I had an iPhone I used an iHome for my speakers, but now that I have a Samsung it doesn't connect to it. I love winding down at the end of the day with music. I like this amp head design and love Marshall, except I don't think I'll be spending $400 for it. 

Enjoy your weekend! What kind of things have you been wanting lately? 

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