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So last week I turned 20, and it's really weird to be out of my teens. I still don't feel like an adult. 

Today I wanted to end the week sharing some pictures from my birthday weekend, mostly of the dogs and some things I got for my birthday!

How cute are these cupcakes? I love birthday cake, but since I graduate this May we're going to celebrate then with a big cake and the family! Only a couple weeks left and then it'll be just Rider University for me! 

BTW, these were so yummy. The frosting was buttercream but it kind of taste like coconut cream and I love coconut. We also had a cheesecake, but my dad got into it before I could take my picture lol!

Since I joined the Starbucks app and have the card, I got a free birthday treat! I went after class and visited the Target for groceries and wanted to use my reward. I never drink coffee, and it was too warm to drink tea, so I went with my usual vanilla bean frap! 

P.S. There's a peak of my birthday treat to myself, my Michael Kors tote! Read my review here

The cherry blossom tree was so beautiful on my birthday! 

I spent a lot of the weekend with my nephew, which is really all I wanted to do. I love that kid so much, even when he's pulling at my hair and piercings. 

On Sunday I had the day off from work so we spent some time outside with the dogs, who have been seriously enjoying the warm weather (Jax really enjoys all kinds of weather, but Amelia loves the warmth). 

Although he's younger, Jax thinks he's a little king in our house. He's always bugging Amelia. 

This face says it all. "Why'd we get another dog? I was much happier being an only dog." 

But we love him all the same! He's a big goof.

And who can really say no to that smile? 

My pretty girl! 

When it started to get a little cooler out, we came back inside and of course the lazy bums crashed on the couch. Kira, our mischievous cat was sitting in the window all day. She's the queen of the house.

Really, all I asked for my birthday was just gas money, haha! Between going back and forth for school and work, I go through about $30 of gas a week, and I really just needed to catch up on some money. That and to spend time with my nephew, Cole! I wish I could see him every day.

I had class and didn't get to go to Ulta for my birthday reward, but I asked my parents to go since they were out. They surprised me with this little beauty case, which was what I actually thought was so cute when I got the ad in the mail. 

Thanks, Mom and Dad! 

This is the prettiest palette for spring! I love the purple and green! 

Eyebrow powder and wax duo. Haven't tried this yet, but it's around the same colors as my Whitening Lightning Brow Bar To Go.

I was really surprised at how pretty the highlight side is. I think the bronzer is a little too light for me, but it might make a good transition shade. 

My family also got me some other things, like this Betsey Johnson watch that I am obsessed with (I will have a review up soon on the Jergens Natural Glow Tanning Mousse). 

So I got a new septum clicker, and I am absolutely in love with this tribal fan design! It was a little big at first and looked awkward, but as soon as I got used to it I loved it! 

I actually picked this up, because this is one of the only colors I'm missing from the Kate Moss Rimmel collection, and I really love this color! 

It's similar to those brown nudes I've been into lately, but this is more on the lighter side that's kind of like your lips but better. 

On my actual birthday, I actually ended the day while watching Bones (My fav TV couple is Booth and Bones) and had this cute little muffin from Panera that my parents got for me since I was stuck in class all night! 

The older you get, the more you realize that parties and big events and presents really don't matter. 

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