An Ulta Haul feat. Naked Smoky

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Today I've got a little haul of some goodies I got from Ulta, featuring the newest UD palette to my collection. 

I've been trying to get my hands on this contour shade by NYX for weeks, basically since they released it. These are the NYX Cosmetics HD blushes, which retail at $6.50 and come in a variety of shades from pinks to plums. 

I'm not sure how Taupe would look as a blush, but as a contour color it's the definition of perfect. 

Cool tones work best as contour colors, and Taupe can look ashy if you lay it on too heavily, but blending this out with your foundation brush makes your contour game strong as hell. 

I also picked up this liquid lipstick from Salvation in the shade Attract. I've never heard of this brand before, but from their online prices it looks like they're geared towards drugstore. I've only ever found them online, but maybe at special Ulta's you can find them in store. 

This Velvet Lacquer is a little different than liquid lipstick. It applies more like a matte lip cream, it's got a thicker texture and can be spread out better with a lip brush. However, it does take a lot longer to dry than your average liquid lipstick, but doesn't leave you with a tacky feeling.


There's been a lot of debate about the newest member to the Naked family. Do you actually need it? No. Do you want it? Of course! If you collect the Naked collection, you do really need it. I mean, you could probably find the rest of the colors in the other palettes, but having it all in one just gets really convenient. 

My favorite thing about this palette is the damn packaging. UD, you've outdone yourself with this smoky marble look. If I could plaster this onto my countertops, I would. The palette just feels better in your hands, you can definitely tell it's not cheap by any means. 

Now onto the colors. The Smoky Palette offers you a range of shimmers, mattes, and some metallic shades. They did a good job of centering it around a lot of cool tone colors, which I personally like better for a smoky look, but threw in some browns as well. 

Favorite shades: 
1. Combust | Matte. The perfect transition color to blend out any of these shadows.
2. Password | Matte. I love using this in the outer V of my eye. 
3. Black Market | Metallic/Matte. This is a really unique black. It looks metallic-y in the palette, but comes off pretty matte when you brush it on your lash line, which is where I like to use it. 
4. Radar | Shimmer. A gorgeous warm bronzey shade that looks great on the lids and smoked out with Black Market

As usual, UD gives you a guide for their signature looks from the palette. Use these for inspiration to change up your look! 

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