Falling in Love with Plaid: 5 Plaid Staples for your Fall Wardrobe

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Despite the fact that Jersey is still experiencing warm weather (UGH), today's post is all about the trendiest fall pattern this season: plaid.

Plaid is pretty much a staple in my wardrobe all year round thanks to flannels, but I've noticed that it's basically on everything this year. Just go to Target and you'll see what I mean. 

Open-Front Wool-Blend Poncho | Old Navy
Ponchos/capes have also been a huge deal these past few years, for good reason. They are so warm and can make your look so effortless but put together at the same time. Ponchos are my favorite thing to throw on when I'm in a rush. 

Sleeveless Plaid Duster | Target
For those warmer days like what Jersey's been experiencing, this plaid duster is perfect for layering during those transitioning days from summer to fall. Leave it open to reveal your boyfriend jeans and a distressed T, or tie it with a belt to give you a more formal look. 

Castle Grey Boots | Dr. Martens
For you simple girls like me who wear a uniform of jeans and a basic T-shirt (Black, usually), a pair of statement boots is just what your plain jane outfit needs. Also, Docs are probably the comfiest shoes, besides slippers, to wear all day. 

Soft Check Scarf | Zara
Okay, so you don't need this exact one unless you have $50 to drop on a winter accessory, but anything close to it you could definitely use in your wardrobe. Scarves are like ponchos, they are warm and cozy and resemble a blanket but can definitely dress you up when you're bumming it. Blanket scarves are my favorite fall/winter accessory because of the fact that you can tie it either around your neck for ultimate comfort or wear it as a makeshift cardigan. 

Over the Knee Socks | Target
Over-the-knee socks are everything. Have an oversized sweatshirt and don't want to wear pants, but you still want to be warm while relaxing in bed? This is your answer! However, when you want to wear these out of the house, a peak of plaid underneath your knee high boots is so cute! Pair it with that matching blanket scarf (*wink, wink*)! 

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