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So before I get into today's playlist post, I just want to let you guys know what's been going on and why there haven't been two posts a week for half of the month. 

School has been absolutely crazy. There's just been so many different papers and projects going on, not to mention club meetings, and so many events that I've had to take part in. Midterms just ended, but registration just began. I've never been so busy or involved with school before, but I absolutely love it! Honestly, I never thought I'd have this much fun in college. 

Posts will trickle down to a few a month as I adjust my schedules. The past couple of months I needed a good mental health break and focus on my studies. The fact is that I love blogging and I'm always going to continue this, but school does have to come first. I really do miss my weekly posts, so I'm going to work hard on getting a few pre-written and be able to post them more frequently. 

But, onto this month's playlist. 

I'd normally have a lot of Halloween covers for October, but this month I was heavily obsessed with a few chosen bands. I entered my pop-punk stage a little late in life, needless to say.

It's funny, because I used to absolutely hate pop-punk. I hated The Wonder Years when I first heard them, and now I absolutely love them. There, There is a song I listen to every single day. It basically describes me as a person. 

I only just discovered The Dangerous Summer and The Front Bottoms this past month. The Front Bottoms is one of my new favorite bands. I absolutely love Peach, because it's such a cute little song. When I find my pop-punk babe, this will be our song. 

I'm kind of sad that I discovered The Dangerous Summer now that they're not a band anymore, but the music that they have put out is flawless. 

This playlist is perfect for a chilly fall day like today. 

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