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I started listening to the Front Bottoms in the middle of October. I have basically had them on repeat since then. Ask anyone who has to deal with me on a daily basis, it's all I listen to. Their music is great, especially if you're into pop punk. 

Between the deep, meaninful lyrics that hit you right where it hurts, the music is oddly catchy and upbeat for being a lot of sad songs. For that reason, I decided that November's playlist would be my favorite songs by the Front Bottoms.

*Author's Note: I did not include Twin Sized Mattress or Peach, even though they are two of my favorite songs, simply because they were included in last month's playlist. 

 1. Handcuffs 
This song is one of my favorites for two reasons. 1) The use of lyrics for story telling is one of my favorite things. It's so creative. These lyrics are so important. 2) I can't tell if it's trumpets or trombones, but whatever it is is beautiful and dramatic and ties the entire song together.

'The jury comes back in, I try to look 'em all in the eyes. 
Try to make 'em feel like takin' another life, that don't make takin'
The first one right and I hope that they realize 
I hope they truly understand
Just how sorry I am, things got so out of hand.'

2. 12 Feet Deep
This song has one of my favorite lyrics that I think hit you right in the gut if you're missing somebody. I think a lot of the Front Bottom's songs are poetically sad and literary, if that makes any sense. If a pop-punk band can really be literary (I think they can). 

'Since when did "I wanna hear your voice" not become a good excuse?'

'That is what I have to do, 
Be the only kid from high school who is still in love with you.'

3. Swear to God the Devil Made Me Do It
 One of the reasons why I love this song so much is because I learned how to play it on bass, and it's a really catchy, addicting tune.

'Our love's a dangerous, dangerous game
One that I am definitely losing, cannot walk away.'

4. Maps
I love this song so much. I love the beat, I love the lyrics. I can repeat these lyrics in any given situation. I love the little voice cracks. I love, love, love this song. 

'There is a map in my room, on the wall of my room; I've got big, big plans.
But I can see them falling through, almost feel them slipping through the palms of my sweaty hands.
And I move slowly, just slow enough to make you uncomfortable.'

5. Flashlight
The first line of this song made me fall in love. The first plucks from the guitar also made me fall in love. Everything about this song makes me think of the town I grew up in and leaving people behind and where everyone is in life. 

'I am sad, I am sad. And I am happy, oh god, I'm happy.
There's just no place in between for us to meet.
But I am sad, I am sad. But when I am happy, oh God, I'm happy.'

6. The Beers
Yet another catchy beat. I love the imagery in this song. This still makes me want to dance and stare off into nothing.

'It's the cops-are-coming-in type of sobering up
It's a girl who'll never learn that I could not give a f*ck.
My friends are happy, I am happy, I've learned to adapt
To this darker kind of humor and I can still hear 'em laugh.'

7. Father 
Again, I'm not sure if it's the trumpet or trombone, but it mixes so well in this song that it's what sets the Front Bottoms apart from other bands. They mixed the use of lyrics as story telling and regular song writing to form a truly masterpiece of a song. 

'A long, long time ago my great, great, great, great grandfather 
Took something that did not belong to him.
And that is why today I have an eagle in my veins
I am part Native American.'

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