Holiday Gift Guide for Casual Gals

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So this past month, I was selected to be a blog ambassador for Colabination, an online place to discover independent apparel brands from local communities across the globe. This means I will be posting here once a month and once a month on Colabination's blog

I'm here with my first gift guide of the season for all of you people with a girl in your life who's stylish but likes to keep it super comfy and casual. Hey, simplicity is in. 

There are days where your casual gal definitely doesn't feel like doing her hair, and hats are the best option if you don't want to rock the ponytail up-do. Not only will this match everything, but black on black looks so chic and who doesn't love California? 

A funky pair of socks for when she wants to lounge around in an oversized sweater so she can catch up on her favorite TV. Think of how stoked she'll be to unwrap these and be able to slip them on Christmas morning. Stars and galaxies are pretty cool, too. 

Your casual gal probably isn't too worried about having the stylish bag, even though she always manages to look good even when she's wearing a plain T and a pair of distressed jeans. Give her this bag to help her complete her "I-Don't-Even-Care" look. Made out of durable canvas, this will especially be helpful if she's got a ton of books to carry across campus, plus on her way to her job or the gym afterwards.

As a comfy-cas dresser myself, there's nothing I love more than graphic T's and a pair of leggings (Don't come at me that leggings are pants, they'll be whatever I want as long as my bum is covered!). I absolutely love this shirt and it'll remind your girl of summer. 

The perfect staple hoodie for her wardrobe! Warm, soft and comfortable, but not too thick that she can't pair it with her favorite leather or denim jacket. 

Regardless of what you decide to buy for your casual comfy gal, make sure it's unique to her personality and will surely fit her style. 

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