Another E.L.F. Haul

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Happy Friday! I'm back with yet another E.L.F. haul, just because they were having free shipping and I like to stock up on my favorite items. 

You really can't go wrong with buying anything from E.L.F., just because they're so inexpensive and are such great products. I picked up this blush palette in the Light shade. I love blush palettes because I tend to use different colors as opposed to the same blush every day I do my makeup. 

I love that there's a light everyday pink, a bronzier shade, a deeper blush, and a sparkly coral color. All of these swatch and apply fantastically! They're so pigmented I'm usually blending them out as soon as I apply them. One little dab of your brush does the trick, unless you want to lay on the blush. 

They have about two other shades of this palette, and they're all absolutely stunning. If you travel a lot or always have makeup with you on the go, you should definitely invest in this! 

I have really been into concealers for spot-concealing instead of layering on foundation. I like to use a brighter concealer underneath of my eyes and one that matches my skin tone for any blemishes or acne I might have. For $3, I had to try it out.

It's a little hard to work with. I use the applicator it actually comes with, but you definitely need to use a damp Beauty Blender for flawless concealing. If you try a brush, it will leave you spotty. 

But really, for $3 this is a really good palette, and definitely a good investment if you need something to toss in your bag. 

Here's a tried and trued E.L.F. product, and definitely great for summer! I love this tinted moisturizer, but I can never find it in stores so I had to just restock online. I bought this in the shade Beige, which matches my skin tone perfectly. I had a darker one I used last time that I had to mix, but this one is perfect. 

These are great for pool or beach days, or any day that you really don't want heavy foundation but still want a little evenness on your skin. 

Along with my order, I received two free liquid liners. I haven't used them, so I can't really give you an honest opinion, but they do swatch pretty pigmented. 

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