Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market | Weekend Recap

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On Sunday my family and I started our blissful week of vacation, which means no work, no worries, all relaxation. 

Thank god for that. 

Since last year we went to Universal, this year's vacation consists of many day trips. Our first stop was the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, on Sunday. 

I first heard about this event during my spring semester journalism class. It happens three times a year, and features local artists and food trucks in a punk-rock flea market setting. You can buy one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork, vintage records, punk memorabilia, comic books, and jewelry at the Historic Roebling Machine Shop.  

I photographed the whole day, just to convince you guys that you should probably go the next time that it rolls around, because it's totally worth the $4 entrance fee and you'll meet so many sick new people and artists. 

The old warehouse is stunning. I've passed by it probably a hundred times, but I never knew that it was so beautiful. 

If you were part of the brave few who waited in line at 6:30 in the morning, the first 250 people got goodie bags from all of the vendors. 

Not only were there awesome artists, there were also a couple of different food trucks. 

Manic Muse 

Manic Muse

Manic Muse


Emily Donovan,
 Shout out to this super rad, fellow Jurassic Park lover I met! She's the coolest artist I've met. She paints texturized portraits of dinosaurs. I will definitely be buying from her later on! 

Dark Faerie Creations - Vegan Artist

These ladies had the perfect mixture of cute meets edgy. 

Creatively Obsessed Designs 

The Fairy Oddmother
 Whimsical Wearables - She makes little food rings and takes requests! 

Here are some of the goodies I picked up. 

Iron Man is my favorite super hero, and I really wanted a piece to add to my pop culture collection. I completely forgot to pick up a business card from this vendor, but he sold a bunch of comics and magazines. I got this for $1. I plan on framing it and putting it on my bookshelf. 

I fell in love with this box when I walked by their table. She had a bunch of hand painted boxes and is a vegan artist. Find her here

Manic Muse was the first table I stopped at upon entering. I fell in love with her jewelry. It was all absolutely stunning. If you like steampunk and original pieces, she's the place to go. 

I bought this pocket watch necklace from her, but I wanted to buy so much more! What's more to love? She donates a portion of her sales to animal rescue! 

The flower detailing is superb. I've only been wearing it for two days and have already gotten tons of compliments and everyone's been asking where they can get one! 

Find her here and here

This is another cool piece I found at Creatively Obsessed Designs. She makes all of her key necklaces with vintage, Victorian buttons and other pieces. 

She has beautiful necklaces and charm bracelets. 

Here are some other cards I picked up at the Trenton PRFM. 

The next PRFM is going to be held on Sunday November 8, 2015. I highly suggest that if you're around the area, you should definitely stop by! 

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