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I wanted to be a little personal in today's blog post. On Saturday I recently graduated Burlington County College, and am finally ready to be at Rider come fall. 

Two years flew right by after high school! How is it possible that I am already halfway done my college career and already have my associate's degree in Communication Studies? 

I never thought graduation would ever come. These past semesters have been so stressful. In fact, I never thought it would come just because I started college a couple weeks late, and started only taking 4 classes for my first two semesters. 

No one holds your hand in college. If you want to get things done, you have to do it yourself. I wavered to get six classes a semester so that I could graduate on time and actually get my degree instead of just transferring without it. What's the point of working so hard for two years to not be able to have that degree? 

Thanks Mom and Dad, for everything! The constant support, the late night advice, not laughing when I get really cranky and would keep you guys up all night with unrealistic, hypothetical situations, and of course for encouraging me to keep working hard every time I wanted to quit. I love you guys so much. Get ready for another 2 years, and graduate school. 

I originally didn't even want to walk during the ceremony, mainly because I have major anxiety and I hated walking in my high school graduation (with less than a 100 kids). My college graduation had over 1,000! Rehearsal alone gave me a huge panic attack, I knew no one except for this girl I had anthropology with. We were graduation buddies this past weekend (Good luck at TCNJ, Skylar)! 

Also, shoutout to my dad, the amateur photographer, who's never used a DSLR but still managed to take great pictures for me! 

We had a small family night with a cake from my favorite bakery, JB. I think for every special occasion or birthday we've always had cakes, cupcakes, or pepperoni bread from JB Bakery. 

Sadly, the girl couldn't fit 'Queen Supreme Overlord Kate' on the cake. A big 'K' was enough for me though :) 

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