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I was feeling a little pop-y and nostalgic these past couple of weeks, so hopefully this will liven up your weekend ... 

I wanted to add another monthly post, this time all about the music I've been listening to. I got inspired by Claire Marshall over at heyclaire.com, because well she's my favorite beauty vlogger/blogger, and I love her taste in everything (and music is definitely no exception). If you're familiar with my blog, you know that I love to talk and write about music. 

All of these songs remind me of being in middle school. Back then (only 8-9 years ago, really) I listened to all of my music on CDs, burned CDs, and anything that I didn't already owned I would just have to search for it on YouTube. I used to have drawers filled with cheap, burned CDs with 20-25 songs on them, and I'd have to tortuously put them onto my desktop and eventually my iPod. 

My earliest memory of Our Lady Peace is a CD my brother burned for me years ago when I had no idea what music even was. I owe all of my music taste to him. Do younger kids even know what a burned CD is anymore? 

Does anyone else remember sitting at a desktop and having to go back to your Internet Explorer window to replay that song you were obsessed with? The music videos were always so meaningful and not just a dance number. They had storylines and I used to sit there and dissect them for hours. In fact, I used to watch the "Making of" docu's of the music videos because, well, I was (and still am) so obsessed with bands and getting to know the members and everything about them. Back in middle school I used to fantasize about being in a band and getting to play live shows (I still kind of do - how cool of a job is that?). 

As I stated earlier, I really was feeling pop-y this month. I wanted a lot of upbeat, catchy songs to play in the car, because summer is the perfect time to drive with your windows down and yell your heart out to your favorite songs. A car ride isn't complete without a good soundtrack (even if you are only running to the bank that's only a two minute drive). I turn to ATL for most of the pop-y feeling. What can I say? I still love them.  

Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold is on here because of it's country-esque nature and amazing, totally underrated solo. Half of the song is basically a solo, complete with a pedal steel and banjo and this vibe that just makes you believe you're in a movie starring yourself. I rewetted the 'Making of' video and was basically crying because I love my boys so much. If I continue these monthly playlists, A7X will probably always turn up on these ... 

What were some of your most played songs this past month? 

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