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Another month gone already! I can't believe it's going to be March! March means a month away from my twentieth birthday! And on the 1st, Rita's opens, which means back to work for me! 

This month I wanted to share some of my favorites that I found myself constantly reaching for on a daily basis. 

I'll start with makeup first. 

On a day to day basis, I'm going to class, the gym and possibly grocery shopping - those mundane tasks that everyone does. For the most part, I keep my makeup pretty natural and light unless I'm feeling daring or want to spend hours blending eyeshadows and wearing bold lip colors. This month I stuck to one eye palette. 

Pictured below is Natural Talent by em Cosmetics from The Life Palette: Career Life. I ordered this during their Black Friday sale because it was such a good deal, and lately I've really been loving their eyeshadows and blushes! Career Life really stuck out to me because of their neutral shades and diverse selection of mattes and shimmers, but Natural Talent has the perfect blend of peachy and browny nudes to wear without looking like you've got too much makeup on. If you haven't gotten a Life Palette yet, I'd start with this one. They each come with four little looks and a separate compact to transfer for on the go! 

Natural Talent from em Cosmetic's The Life Palette: Career Life
If I'm going to the gym to sweat or just to spend time over my brother and sister-in-law's to see my nephew, I have to do my brows. It's really the only makeup routine I do every single day. I like to make them look natural, so I usually stick to powders or pencils. I used to use Gerard Cosmetic's Dark brown to Ebony shade, but this blonde palette is really good to make a subtle difference in shading. I use the lighter shade for the bulb of my brow (very lightly with an eyeshadow brush from Coastal Scents), and the darker for the tail of my brow. I only use the wax if I'm out of brow gel, but it's perfect for shaping your brows before you fill them in. 

Blonde to medium brown Brow Bar to Go by Gerard Cosmetics/Whitening Lightning

I change my lip color every day, sometimes even twice or three times if I'm getting bored with the color, but this is definitely one of my go to lip glosses. This is Gerard Cosmetic's Shimmer of Hope lip gloss. Everyone's familiar with these: they're so pigmented you don't even need a liner or a color underneath of them. I fill my lips in with a nude pencil and then usually like to mix this over top of it. 

Shimmer of Hope lip gloss by Gerard Cosmetics/Whitening Lightning
Now onto skincare; which is becoming one of my favorite things! I'm no stranger when it comes to bad skin. If you read my 'Dry Skin' post then you know I have bad eczema, I have since I was a baby. But there's good news for those of you with the same kinds of problems! My eczema is now gone from my face and I have two products to thank! 

I went to Target and found this Boots Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief Serum. It's on the pricier side at $15.99, but it is totally worth it! All you need is one little pump in the palm of your hand and let it soak on your face after you cleanse and tone! It's made with marshmallow extract which makes it so calming and really alleviates the redness that your skin can get after cleansing. 

After putting this serum on, I apply my moisturizer, which has been Rite Aid's version of Aveeno's Eczema Moisturizing Cream with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal. It's half the price of Aveeno and while I haven't tried Aveeno's cream, I definitely recommend the Rite Aid brand! I like my moisturizers to be thicker because I think of them as less greasy. This soaks into my skin overnight and leaves me hydrated and clean in the morning.

I always moisturize after getting out of the shower, but this is the first scented lotion I've used in a while. Because of my sensitive skin, I try to stay away from overly strong perfumes or scented creams, but this Korres Vanilla Cinnamon Body Butter is my favorite lotion ever! This was a gift from my mom during Christmas, but it came in a set with some travel sized products and a matching body wash (that smells just as divine!). This has such a warm, cozy scent to it.

My hair is my prized possession, haha. I love it long and I love it healthy, so I try to not use too much heat on it and use good products on it. I cannot live without Wen by Chaz Dean (Thanks Annalee and Claire). I don't even remember how to use regular shampoos anymore! I go back and forth between their Sweet Almond Mint and Lavender cleansing conditioners, but this Re-Moist Hydrating Hair Mask is my staple in haircare! It's really meant to use on clean wet hair and to wash it out after it sits, but I like to use a little amount as a leave-in conditions from the mid shaft of my hair to my ends. A little goes a long way. 

If I am going to venture into heat damage on my hair, I use this damage control spray by Aveda first on damp hair. This was actually a product my sister-in-law had and decided she didn't like it, so she asked if I wanted to try it. It's one of my favorite products now! It has sort of a weird florally smell at first, but it doesn't stay in your hair. Even if you're not using heat on your hair, try it on damp hair just to smooth it out. 

And last but not least, my favorite product of this whole month has been my Marc Jacobs Honey perfume! I haven't had it for that long, but it is definitely my favorite scent! 

What are some of your favorite products of February? 

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