Review Time: Too Faced Cocoa Contour, Semi-Sweet Palette and Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

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Eek - it's already March! Where is 2015 going? Hope you guys have had a great start of the week! I have been dying to write this post for the last two weeks and am so excited to share it with you right now.

For Valentine's Day, Too Faced was having a 20% off promo so I thought it was the perfect time to try out their new Cocoa Contour palette and to get my hands on the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette. And can we talk about how cute their packaging is? I like when companies go the extra mile to personalize goodies for you. 

You guys already know that I love the Chocolate Bar palette and how long I waited for it. I was so excited when they came out with the Semi-Sweet version, and I hope that they come out with a Dark Chocolate Bar palette! This Semi-Sweet palette is my favorite over the original Chocolate Bar Palette. I've used it every day since getting it and the pigmentation is just as good as their other palettes! I love that they mixed matte and shimmer neutrals with that beautiful blue color, which gives that perfect pop that any good palette needs. They're easy to blend and go from a day to night look all in one day.

Flash: Light cocoa, medium cocoa, dark cocoa, pop of light.
No flash: Light cocoa, medium cocoa, dark cocoa, pop of light. 

I love a good contour palette. The fact that this was part of their cocoa collection made it even better. 

I've waited so long to post this because I wanted the chance to use this for a good two weeks before I gave my final verdict. So what is my final verdict? 

LOVE IT. You need this in your life! It's $40, with each shade to come out to $10 - pricer than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit - but these shades are so smooth and buttery that they are definitely worth it. They don't come off too muddy on your skin or orange in natural light. I wear pretty natural makeup throughout the week for class but with these colors you can go as light as possible or use a heavy hand for a strong contour. I use both contour shades - medium cocoa to bronze my face and dark cocoa to contour. Light cocoa is great for setting under eye concealer as it's a matte highlight. Pop of light comes off really glittery in the pan but is a beautiful luminous shade on the high points of your cheeks. 

I'm going to be honest; I had no idea that Benefit was coming out with this mascara. I didn't know about it until my mom asked me if I wanted to try the new mascara she ordered off of HSN. It came about a week before it's release date. The wand reminds me of the Falsies mascara, but the little bristles aren't as long which I think helps coat the lashes all the way at the base and give them that curl. Speaking of curls, this is the only mascara I've used that actually curls and lifts my lashes without having to use a lash curler. It holds all throughout the day - Thank god for waterproof mascara. If you have tiny, sparse lashes like me; this is definitely the mascara for you! 

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