Old Black Friday Haul and Reviews - em, Urban Decay, and Gerard Cosmetics/Whitening Lightning

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Hi guys! This is a super old update, but I realized I never mentioned these products on here (See, I swear I'm trying to be more productive!). These were late Black Friday purchases.

I have been wanting to try some of the em cosmetics products ever since watching Michelle Phan, but as they are a little pricier, I never made a commitment until her Black Friday sale (Buy one get one free). I chose the Night and Career Life Palettes, so that I could have one neutral and one a little bit more smoky for at night when I'm feeling a little bit daring. I love that these palettes come with little compacts to take a smaller version of your Life Palette on the go with you! Definitely worth the purchase, and I'm pretty impressed by the pigmentation and buttery feeling of the eyeshadows. 

I think Urban Decay is just one of my favorite cosmetics companies, since I own just about every palette that they've come out with. The Electric Palette was beautiful, and when I got the email about their $32 deal with a free travel size eyeliner, I couldn't resist! I used a couple of these shadows for a night look and WOW! The pigmentation was brilliant! There's no need to even wet your brush before dipping in! I'm definitely glad I decided to get this! 

Brows are one of my favorite parts of my makeup routine, and it's probably the only makeup I do every day, even if I'm not wearing foundation or primer. I think brows are important, because they frame your face! I have a couple different products ranging from pomades and gels to pencils, but the only powder product I had tried before was from E.L.F. (I was a baby doing makeup then lol). I love Gerard Cosmetics/Whitening Lightning anyway, so I knew I had to have the brow kit and what a steal with a lighted lip gloss for only $16! I got mine in the darkest version of the palette since I have pretty dark hair to begin with, but this is definitely used everyday since I've received it! It's my new favorite product! 


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