Lazy Night In

8:38 PM

Sometimes when ya ain't feeling good you just need tea, Friends, and a coloring book. 

I know, I know. I am such a kid haha! But I'm feeling quite sick and tired and all I really wanted to do tonight was have a nice night in and watch Friends (Thank you Netflix!) and do some coloring while I drink my hot tea. It's ironic, because when I was a kid in elementary school, I absolutely hated coloring! Now I find it to be relaxing and fun. I was so happy when I found this How To Train Your Dragon 2 coloring book at the Target Dollar Spot! It's probably my favorite place in the world.

It's New Jersey's first official snow and it's just been a really lazy, bum kind of day here. The only productive thing I did today was clean my room and got some scholarship applications filled out.

I'm working on a Favorite Winter Lip post, so hopefully that'll be done within a week!


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