Brow Best Friends: The Only 5 Products You Need for Flawless Brows!

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I know a lot of girls say that your brows are sisters, not twins, but I that's not the philosophy I live by. I like to make my brows look as identical and natural as possible. I've tried a lot of products from powders to gels to pencils, and these are the five products I simply cannot live without.

Here's a little history on my brows:
I have a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows. They're sparse and thin, and they've been like that since I was a little girl. I started filling them in with powder a couple years into high school, but they just looked disastrous when I did fill them in.

I used to get them waxed to keep them in shape, but sometimes they just turned out too thin on one side or too arched and I just wasn't happy with it. To keep them groomed now, I just brush the hair straight up and trim the excess hair. I use tweezers to groom the remainder area of my brows. My brows aren't so long, but I've plucked the very ends of my tails because they started to grow straight down.

However, this makes it better for when I want to fill my brows into a different shape. I used to really like dramatic, over arched brows, but now I'm into those model-straight brows. I think straight brows compliment my face more and almost thin it out more with a good contour.

#1 Tip for Flawless Brows: Never fill in the bulbs of your eyebrows! This will give you the most natural look. I learned this from Claire Marshall, who has the most fabulous brows out there! This will make such a huge difference in your beauty routine, and it even makes your brows look thicker.

  1. Brow Bar to Go by Whitening Lightning/Gerard Cosmetics (Medium to Ebony): I only just started using this about a month or two ago, but this is definitely one of my favorite products! It comes with two different shades to fill in your brows, as well as a wax to place on them before or after. I like to use a Coastal Scents brow brush with the powder, mostly focusing the product on the outer three fourths of my brows. I brush it out with a spoolie brush after every couple of strokes with my regular brush. If I'm just using this I like to keep my brows as natural as possible so I never overdraw the end of my brow or arch it. 
  2. Dip Brow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills (Dark Brown): The Queen of Brows herself! I love this pomade! I picked this up back in August before my vacation to Universal Studios. I needed something that would fill my brows in and wouldn't melt or smear away with sweat or high humidity, so I went to Sephora to pick this up. Important to know: a little goes a long way! You really only need a tiny bit of his product! I use an angled eyeliner brush, just lightly pressing the brush into the pomade. I'll carve out the bottom of my brows, lightly brushing upwards to create short strokes. One little dab of the brush into the pot and you're finished filling in your brows! I like to use this when my brows really need to look flawless, usually anytime I'm going out somewhere special or at night. 
  3. Automatic Eye Brow Pencil by YBF (Universal Taupe): I am a sucker for QVC and HSN, and when this little guy popped up on the TV I couldn't say no! It comes in a universal shade; the color depends on how much pressure you put on the pencil. It's a little too dark for my taste to really be called universal, but I like to use this on the tail of my brows to give them more dimension. The pencil is really soft, so you do have to be careful when you apply pressure.
  4. YBBB Your Brows But Better by It Cosmetics (Universal Transforming Taupe): This product is what made me fall in love with It Cosmetics! This is my absolute favorite brow product! Another universal shade, it's a lot lighter than the YBF pencil. I use this to fill in the middle of my brows. This pencil goes hand in hand with the YBF pencil. All you need is some short strokes and it looks like real hair. 
  5. Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara by Maybelline (Deep Brown): This brow mascara is a great example why you don't need high end products! For $5 at Target, this is the best deal a girl can ask for! When I'm on the run or heading to the gym, I like to just sweep this over my brows and I'm usually good to go. However, I basically use this no matter what brow routine I decide to go, just to make sure my brows are set in place and won't go anywhere throughout the day. This is the only exception for my #1 tip: I save this brow gel for the front of my brows to make the hairs thicker.

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