Gerard Cosmetics Haul

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Lip Glosses L to R: Plum Crazy, Pink Frosting, and Cocoa Bean
Lipsticks L to R: Berry Smoothie and All Dolled Up 

Whew! Lots of pictures for you guys today! 

Everyone and their mother is sick of hearing about Gerard Cosmetics, but with their cute packaging and superb products, who doesn't want a little piece of them? I'll be the first to admit that they are definitely high end and pricey! I know that a lot of people are a little bit baffled at their high prices since they're relatively a newer brand, but the have such good deals and coupons that you're crazy if you're paying full price! 

I saved 48% off of these babies, thanks to their 48 hour promo from IMATs last weekend in Los Angeles. This was by far one of their biggest sales yet! I think I saved over a $100, and scored free shipping since my total was over $75. 

It was about 2 weeks ago that they announced their newest lipstick, 'Berry Smoothie' on their Instagram, and I knew that I had to have it! The warmer, pinkier version of '1995' honed by Jaclyn Hill, 'Berry Smoothie' is the perfect everyday color for these cold winter days! It's the twin sister to their infamous lipgloss in the shade, 'Plum Crazy'. 

I also had to pick up 'Cocoa Bean', which I had thought would be too dark for my skin tone but is a fabulous nudey brown that matches perfectly with '1995'. By itself, of course, 'Cocoa Brown' is just as pigmented as a lipstick, and can either be toned down with one coat or as glossy as magazine pages with a couple of coats. 

'All Dolled Up' was next on my list, since I had neglected to pick it up from my last order off of Gerard. It's a bright, almost neon pink that will be perfect for the upcoming spring and summer. I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it on its own since it's so shockingly bright, but it will definitely be used for mixing with nude lipsticks for that perfect Barbie pink look. Now I officially own all of their lipsticks, and am making my way towards owning all of their lip glosses as well.

The last lipgloss I ordered was Pink Frosting, which is the most glittery nudey pink color for everyday use. It's not as pigmented as the rest of their lip glosses, but it's not supposed to be. I think this will be perfect for laying over a Your-Lips-But-Better lip liner or lipstick, just to give you that perfect pout. 

I ordered one of their bundles, the Carli Babel Beauty Essentials, which included two lip glosses, one lipstick, and their BB+ Illumination Cream and Brow Bar to Go. 

I've heard good things about their BB Cream, and recently have been in love with highlights so I decided that with an awesome sale of 48% off, I should try it. It is the prettiest gold highlight I've ever seen! I love that it's a cream, too! And it comes in a pump! I love makeup products that come in a pump (Who feels me on that one?)! Since it's winter, I've been having so many problems with powder products that I've switched to cream so that my face doesn't get dried out so easily! This can be mixed with your foundation, applied beforehand, or worn alone. 

And last but not least, my beloved Brow Bar to Go. Ah, sweet sweet brows. I already have the medium to ebony, but I figured having the blond to brunette shade isn't a bad idea. The colors are definitely lighter and will be better to fill in the sparse areas closer to the bulb of my eyebrows, and they make great crease colors too! I love it when I can use one product for multiple things! 

I love Gerard Cosmetics, so there will probably be plenty of future hauls from them on here. Remember, always look on their Instagram for promo codes! They have the best sales for their products! 


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