Stocking Stuffers Guide {Blogmas Day 5}

9:00 AM

If you're having trouble finding stocking stuffers for this year, don't worry! View my list of stocking stuffer ideas so that you're not empty-handed come Christmas Eve! 

You can never go wrong with gloves or any kind of warmth accessory! These make great additions to a stocking and are always appreciated!  

I absolutely love socks like these. They have been consistently on my list for Christmas for the last four years! You can never have too many pairs of fuzzy socks to keep warm and cozy in the winter months. 

Girls love just about any kind of mini item, so think of makeup or nail polish sets or even mini candies. Plus, they look super adorable peeking out of our stockings and are great gift sets if we want to try anything new but don't want to buy full size just yet. 

4. CDs

I had a friend who got CDs for nearly every holiday, but especially on Christmas in their stocking. Support the music culture and go out and buy CDs! They're great additions to your stocking and supports the band. 

5. Gift Cards

While gift cards can be impersonal, a small gift card to their favorite coffee place or store is always a nice gesture. They'll be thinking of you on their morning run to Starbucks or when they grab something quick at Target! 

What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers? 

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