5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas {Blogmas Day 4}

9:00 AM

I recently found out that at my job's holiday luncheon, we'll all be participating in Secret Santa. I had no idea what I would get my coworkers, so I thought this list would help anyone else who's looking for gift ideas for their own Secret Santa exchange. 

Winter gear is always great to give and receive during the holidays! Flannel scarves are especially cozy and can be worn in a myriad of different ways to compliment outfits but they also keep you warm.

If you work in an office, mugs are great additions to your coworker's desk space. This mug at Target comes with its very own sweater. 

This Secret Santa gift is practical for everyone. It's great to carry a charger with you but it's even better to have a portable charger on the go with you at all times. 

I think Pom-Pom beanies might be one of the most popular trends this season. Almost every store carries them and they have tons of different patterns and colors to choose from. 

Travel cases are great for carrying makeup, jewelry, accessories and toiletries. They don't have to just be used for long flights or road trips, they can be used in your gym bag to carry everything too! 

What are you planning to get for Secret Santa? 

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