New Years Nails Pinspo {Blogmas Day 17}

9:00 AM

Grab a dotting tool or make one of your own with an eraser and a pin and you've got a seriously cute manicure going on! 

These glittery tips will blind you while you celebrate 2017! 

If you've got a fancy New Year's party to go to, these tuxedo nails are the perfect accessory to your party dress! 

These nails look so stunning but are so easy to recreate! 

If you are a bit more artistic and have some time to focus on each individual nail, give these champagne flute nails a try. 

If traditional gold and silver isn't your thing, these iridescent glitter nails are a great alternative and bring in a pop of color. 

This fun and adorable design is girly and festive for New Year's! The bow is such an elegant touch to the nude and glitter polish. 

Which one would you choose for New Year's? 

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