My Favorite Gift to Give {Blogmas Day 18}

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One week left 'til Christmas ...

My favorite gift to give is always books. I know they're not for everyone because not everyone likes to read, but I think that giving books about someone's favorite subject or anything that they're interested can be such a special gift. 

Book shops are cozy any time of year for me, but there's something about going into them during Christmas time when I'm trying to escape from the cold. I love browsing every single book shelf and finding the different titles and feeling the spines of each book. 

I think I love giving books so much because I love getting books. If you're last minute shopping and need a meaningful gift, check out some of my top picks for this year. 

"No matter what happens next, I will always be glad to know there is someone like you in the world."

Lang Leav is one of my favorite writers. If you have a significant other in your life who's in love with words as much as they are you, I highly recommend getting them this book. 

"Newt: Don't hurt those creatures - there is nothing in there that is dangerous. Please don't hurt my creatures - they are not dangerous ... please, they are not dangerous!"

If you're shopping for a Harry Potter fan and they already have The Cursed Child, this is the best addition to their HP collection. The book itself makes a great coffee table addition. If you haven't seen this book in person yet, the cover is absolutely stunning. 

"I love her when we drive around during the holidays, her feet up on the dashboard, sipping hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights."

This book is a fantastic addition to anyone who loves music. Each collection of words ends with a "Currently listening to" blurb, listing all of the songs that Alicia Cook listened to. 

"Life is beautiful and I'm ok. Nothing you've done or will do can change it."

I found this book at work one day while I was tidying up some of the bookcases. I started flipping through it and found all of the raw, anonymous messages to be sort of beautiful in their own right. 

Ina Garten is one of my favorite chefs. There's always delicious recipes to look forward to, but I think that this book being dedicated to her husband and their 48-year marriage, makes this a special gift for someone you love who also loves to cook. 

What is your favorite gift to give? 

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