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Disclaimer: Lots of 'damns' and such throughout this post. Some pictures/gifs that might make your heart melt, etc.  


Did someone say fan girl? 

One of my most quality attributes is probably the fact that I can love bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Neck Deep, but still love boy band trends like 5 Seconds of Summer - who is way less boy band than One Direction.

Damn you, 5 Seconds of Summer. Damn you, Julie for taking me to go see them even though the only song I knew was that stupid American Apparel underwear song. Damn you, Calum Hood for having a perfect jaw and being so unbelievably adorable. Damn, damn, damn

I'll admit it. I stayed as far away as possible from the new generation of band boys. One Direction? Hell no! I'm not into that. You won't catch me listening to them! 5 Seconds of Summer? No! No more overly obsessed girls. I will not be a part of a Twilight Team Jacob/Team Edward situation again!

Oh, how I lied ... 

Thanks Jules, for getting me hooked onto Australian boys who are too damn cute for their own good. This is all your fault. 

I will also admit that I was completely wrong about 5SOS. For one thing, I look at them as more of a band than a 'boy band' for the simple fact that they can all play their own instruments, and write most of their own music. I don't enjoy artists that just sing to a track, with the exception of 1D because of the fantastic show they put on in Philly. While One Direction has a lot of ballads that make girls swoon, I find 5 Seconds of Summer to be a lot more pop-punk (some heavy emphasis on pop, but still sooooooo good). 

So here's my pick of my favorite 5SOS songs at the moment. I'm not lying when I say that they've basically been all that I've listened to since seeing them on the 5th - excellent show, excellent stage, excellent, excellent. Check my Instagram for a picture or two from the concert. 

Besides the good music, they put on a pretty damn good show and interact with their fans, which is always important for me when it comes to bands. Musicians who care about their fans can conquer the world. 

These Aussie boys have a way with words, that's for sure. I'm not a particularly affectionate girl, but most of these lyrics can really make me swoon. Almost to the point where some of them are just too damn catchy for their own good, and I'm just forced to sing at the top of my lungs in the car. 

Favorite Lyrics:

"Are you somewhere feeling lonely even though he's right beside you? / When he says those words that hurt you / Do you read the ones that I wrote you?"

"If I showed up with a plane ticket / And a shiny diamond ring with your name on it / Would you wanna run away too? / Cause all I really want is you."

"There are pieces of us both / Under every city light / And they're shining as we fade into the night."

"I want a little bit of California / With a little bit of London sky / I wanna take my heart to the end of the world / And fly away tonight." 

Also, here's another of my babe/bae/future husband Cal. 

New album 'Sounds Good Feels Good' is out October 23, 2015

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