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There are just some childish trends that you don't grow out of.

Like those emo-alt-rock-punk bands you loved in middle school circa 2006. I will always be a fan girl, and I will never get over Fall Out Boy.

Although their style is now definitely more eclectic than it used to be (A Little Less Alt and Kind of More Pop), I think the band is still getting their message out to the world through their lyrics - a key factor that separates Fall Out Boy from the masses. From lyrics like "You are what you love / not who loves you" and "sometimes it gets better / the darkness gets bigger / the person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger" that are poetic wet dreams in itself, to silly lyrics like "let's play this game called "when you catch fire" / I wouldn't p--- to put you out" and "so f--- you, you can go cry me an ocean / and leave me be." 

I mean, there is literally a lyric to fit your every single mood. No matter what.

Not to mention they've been proclaimed as the emo kings, something that their very dedicated fans make fun of them for, but we love them all the same.

Life wouldn't be the same without FOB, which was proved when lead singer P. Stump went solo and everyone realized that Patrick must sing the lyrics that Pete Went writes because singing anything else just doesn't even sound right. One cannot live without the other, of course.

When you are awkward and middle school-young and have braces and dyed black hair and Chucks that are falling apart and jeans that are so frayed your mother is constantly yelling at you to get new ones, of course you're embarrassed to say to anyone you love a band like Fall Out Boy (Because they're just not heavy enough). It's a totally different story when you're twenty and you hear someone listening to it in a parking lot, or murmuring the lyrics under their breath as you walk past them. "No shit, who doesn't love Fall Out Boy?" You both exclaim, and then you happily nod at each other and go merrily about your way.

And if you don't like Fall Out Boy, you're lying to yourself and the world. But that's okay; you're entitled to your own opinion, even if it is really wrong. 

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