New Makeup + Surprises! | Collective Haul feat. Wet N Wild, Morphe Brushes, and Gerard Cosmetics

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I can't believe that the first week of May is already over! Today I'm sharing some things I've bought the past couple of weeks and received from Charlie for my birthday! 

I went to Rite Aid to get some snacks for my friend's and saw this little beauty for only $1.99! This is Wet N Wild's Bare It All, which I discovered is a perfect dupe for MAC's Velvet Teddy. I think this is a better Kylie Jenner lip combo for you girls looking to have a more 'my lips but better' shade.

Ah! The long awaited Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette by Morphe! I preordered this in April and received it just a week ago, and I am absolutely in love with it! 

I really like that this is a neutral palette but has a lot of colors that are still kind of bright and flirty for day or night time looks. 

Dirty Martini is one of my favorite colors in this palette, and I can't wait to create a look centered around it! 

Charlie surprised me with some birthday gifts, and let me just say that he's the best gift giver because he always knows the perfect things to get you. He got me this Stitch pillow pet and Funko Pop Figures of my favorite boys! 

"You know nothing, Jon Snow." 

He also got me these bath bombs, which smell great! I can't wait to use them. I will never have another bath bomb-less bath ever again! 

When GC has a sale with 35% off and free shipping, I like to take advantage of it! I wanted to pick up their two newest shades of lipsticks and some lip glosses I've been wanting to try. 

 Since it's spring/summer, I really wanted Summer Sun for that perfect red-orange lip color when I want a bold lip color. This is so pretty on its own and over their Fire Engine

I also picked up Raspberry Sherbet, which I thought would look a lot like Fiji, but it's my new favorite pink! It's not too cool or warm and really looks pretty with just lashes and winged liner. It's the perfect neutral pink to wear every day. 

With the exception of their newest lipstick, I officially own all of their lipsticks now with the addition of Grape Soda and Underground. I thought Grape Soda would be a nice fun color to play with. It's a pretty, true blue-purple. 

To follow with this whole grey-beige trend, I also got Underground. This is a gorgeous color that I think would look good with any lip gloss you want to mix it with. What I love is how different the color looks on different skin tones. 

I love little jewelry boxes and decorations for my vanity and desk. They had this diamond heart box on HSN and my mom ordered it for me for my birthday and graduation. It's such a cute little silver box lined with black velvet. I can't stop staring at it it's so beautiful! 

Have you guys picked up any new makeup/goodies recently? 

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