Spring has Sprung?

1:41 AM

Well, at least Spring semester has. Winter break is officially over ... (cue sad music and ugly crying) but at least it means that I'm one step closer to junior year, and only five months away from my associates degree.

Hopefully all of you in college starting the new semester have gotten 4+ rating professors (courtesy of ratemyprofessors.com) and a very light and cheap booklist (just under a $100 for me!).

Here I am awake at 1:35 reading Revenge Wears Prada and have to be up in less than eight hours to hit the bank and get some breakfast before my 11:00 class. My sleep schedule will probably remain this screwed up until halfway through the semester, by which point I probably won't care as much about not getting enough sleep. Ah, the joys of being a college student.

Good luck to all of my fellow Netflix-binging, procrastination professionals on the last half of the academic year. May your professors answer your emails in the middle of the night and post your grades on WebAdvisor at an appropriate time frame after your finals, and may you get through this semester in one piece - or two or three 'very good' quality pieces.


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