My Favorite Christmas Movies {Blogmas Day 10}

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For Christmas movies, I say the cheesier the better. I love cocooning myself in blankets with a nice fire going on and turning on my favorite Christmas movie. 

I made a list of my favorite Christmas movies for today, and I'm sharing some of my favorite scenes from them.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas


This has to be my favorite movie (almost of all time) because of it's call to Halloween and how much I love Jack Skellington. I have designated times of where I watch this the night before Halloween, Halloween, Christmas Eve and Christmas night. I also watch this any time I'm sick. 

'What's This' is one of my favorite songs from the movie and definitely my favorite scenes of Jack in Christmas Town. 

2. Olive the Other Reindeer 


I have so many memories of sitting down to watch this every Christmas as a child. I love dogs, so it's no surprise that I loved this movie. My favorite part is when Olive goes, "'All of' the other reindeer. I thought he said 'Olive' the other reindeer!" 

3. Home Alone 

I think every kid loves this movie. Having the house to yourself and being able to outsmart adults and place booby-traps around is a little kid's dream. 

4. A Christmas Story 


In my house, this movie is on for the whole day when they play the 24-hour marathon. It's just a staple in my family to watch this every year - it doesn't feel like Christmas without it. 

5. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 

This is another movie constantly played at my house around Christmas. Everyone has a crazy family and nothing ever goes perfectly during the holidays, so it's a fitting film that reminds us that Christmas is hectic but your family - while crazy - is yours and you'll always love them. 

6. Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer 


Rudolph is my mom's favorite Christmas movie. Every year, the only Christmas present she asks from my brother and I, she asks us to watch it with her. We can never say no, and it's only more important that my nephew can watch it with us too. 

What are your favorite Christmas movies?

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