Holiday Recipes Pinspo {Blogmas Day 7}

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I love to cook and bake in general, but there's something more special about it during the holidays. 

In my house, it's usually my mom and I in the kitchen with Christmas music or movies playing in the background. We clean off the island and dust it in flour to prepare cookies and cakes, the oven is always warm baking a casserole or my mom's special lasagna, she has all the decorations up and candles lit. It's just a special tradition I'll always have of family time during the busy holiday season. 

I gathered some holiday recipes off of Pinterest to get you thinking about your upcoming parties and gatherings. 

Here's an easy little treat you can even throw together last minute for a party or Christmas morning! 

I made these last year for Christmas Eve and oh my gosh were they delicious! 

Grab a can of Pillsbury crescent rolls, you can make so many different appetizers or desserts with them. Shape them around a bowl to create a festive wreath with your favorite fillings! 

Buffalo chicken dip is kind of a staple in my family - my brother makes the best dip for all of our holidays. This is a great new spin on your favorite dip! 

This is a newer tradition for my family - my sister-in-law made this one year and it is so addicting! It's the perfect salty-sweet treat for Christmas Eve or to enjoy during all of December.

What is better than Nutella and hot cocoa???? 

These bring me so many memories! My mom makes these every year when we start making Christmas cookies. They're easy and fun to bake! 

What are some of your favorite holiday recipes to make? 

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