Guest Blogger: Simply Alexa Simone {Blogmas Day 15}

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Hello everyone! If you don't know me, I'm Alexa from SimplyAlexaSimone. Katie and I met as we had summer classes together at Rider. Since then, we have had three other classes together and have become great friends.

For Blogmas, we thought it would be great to do a guest blog post since we both have a love of blogging and bonded over it. Our posts for each other today are what we would put in each other's Christmas stockings, an idea we came up with in our senior seminar class.

When Katie and I were hanging between classes, I would always send her Etsy finds that reminded me of her. And I think Katie would love this mug! Not only is it a double meaning of her taking pictures but also of her if she is interrupted while very focused, but it is a cute design as well!

If you have been keeping up with Katie, you know that she loves rings. So, with rings being small, I'd toss a few rings in her stocking. Her ring size is 8 and this pack would be perfect!

Every stocking needs candy and this Katie's favorite kind. AND WHAT A DEAL! This is a pack of twelve. Twelve. Katie might need a bigger stocking but I'd stuff them in.

Katie put on her wish list a Michael Kors polaroid camera. While I would love to stuff that in her stocking, that'd be one expensive stocking! 😉 This is a more affordable version of a polaroid camera that I would love Katie to have!

Finally, Katie has a tattoo that makes me smile every single time I see it: a ladybug. I was such a fan of ladybugs as a child and seeing that they meant something to someone who has quickly become a very important person in my life felt like a lucky sign. Therefore, when I saw this, I had to add this to what I would put in her stocking! 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing what I would put in Katie's stocking!

Happy holidays and wishes for a great new year,

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