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I started school this month, but I still had time for my own reading! I had one paperback on my list and then a lot of Kindle reads, and most of them were free courtesy of BookBub! 

I picked this up at Barnes & Noble on one of my many book browsing trips. I love romantic comedies/chick lit, so I was excited to find this for a couple of books on one of the displays. 

Quinn Barton is a lovable, quirky kind of gal who is very relatable for the average woman. Ever second guess yourself after a run in with a hot guy? Embarrassed to do something new and exciting? You're not alone, Quinn's with you! 

Just moments before her wedding to her high school sweetheart, Burke Morrison, Quinn is interrupted by the best man and her soon-to-be brother-in-law, Frank. He tells her not to marry Burke, because doesn't she realize that Burke's been cheating on her? Couldn't she see it? 

Mortified and angry, she runs away with Frank and leaves her fairytale ending that she's been dreaming of since she met Burke in high school. 

So ten years go by, and Quinn's still single. But another wedding brings both brothers back to their small town and she's forced to face her past again. 

I really liked this book. It's a little slow and drawn out in the beginning, but it gets really fun. 

You can't help but root for both brothers. I think most girls probably have had some kind of Burke in their life. A really bad guy for you, but you just hope he'll change one day. 

Not to mention, Quinn's best friend, Glenn, who owns the cheese store adjacent to her own dress shop. He's gay, fun, and a bit of an exhibitionist. To get Quinn out of her funk, he makes her try something new every day by leaving her instructions in her shop. It makes for some hilarious moments.


"He put some bills down on the table and we both stood up and walked, a bit awkwardly, to the door, past townspeople who would undoubtedly be speculating about this later. Even people who didn't know about our history - that's how small towns are."
Pg. 105

"He nodded. 'I don't know, but maybe - maybe - Burke represents, more than anything else, a past you are clinging to so hard that you cannot have anything new in the present or, worse, anything fresh in the future.'"
Pg. 190

"Fairy tales die hard in the minds and hearts of some girls."
Pg. 263

Matt Simmons is a military man, frustrated that he isn't back out fighting because of his injured shoulder. Haunted by the death of his friend, he's back home until he's finally healed. 

His twin sister insists he see a physical therapist, the same girl who used to babysit them when they were younger. 

Penelope Lewis has her whole life together, except she's missing something. Her current boyfriend isn't the One, she can feel that. But it's comfortable. She doesn't realize what she's missing until Matt comes in for his first visit. 

I loved this book. Matt's the kind of fictional character that girls love, and he's this lovable kind of standup guy. He's got a little bit of an ego but is so charmingly cute you just can't stand it. 

Penny is a little more uptight, more rigid in structure compared to her love interest. But that's the great things about 'opposites attract'. 

The two have got great witty banter and Matt's always pushing her buttons to get Penny out of her shell. 


"'I never knew you had such a fetish for military guys. Does James know about this?'

'I don't have a fetish. I just have appreciation. Where have you been hiding this one? No wonder you never talk about your friends. You're keeping them all to yourself.'"
Chapter 2 

"Matt shook his head. 'Nothing. Wait, you mean with my shoulder?'

'No, not your shoulder. Your shoulder is great. But you aren't. You've been in a funk for the past week and a half. It's depressing and completely unlike you. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I liked you better when you were a smarts.'"
Chapter 8

"Penny shot him an incredulous look. 'That's it? No funny business?'

'I've never understood that expression,' Matt mused. 'If you're doing it right, there's nothing funny about it.'"
Chapter 11

Damian Rule is a wealthy businessman who likes things pristine. He's from the right side of the tracks, and everything has to be up to his standards. But he meets Angie, who's everything he shouldn't even have. Between her purple lips and dark hair, she's the exact opposite of who he should really be with. 

There's a lot of mixed reviews about this novella. For one thing, Damian's fixation with Angie is - just as the title states - an obsession, and it's kind of creepy being in his mindset. But even as cheesy as some of these scenes can be, this is a lot better than 50 Shades of Grey (which is just all wrong and more about crazy sociopaths and masochists). 

Warning: This is basically a pure smut book. Don't read this if you're looking for cute, romantic moments. There's not a ton of chemistry between Damian and Angie, it's just a lot of possession and passion. It's a quick read (You can read it in a single night), and it's not really something you have to think about. 


"She held on to the belief that the suggestion might appease him but the text messages she'd received from him during the week made her realize he wouldn't go for the idea.

His first had come the morning after he'd left. Slept like shit.

She'd sent back a reply: I'm sorry. Mattress uncomfortable?

It was fine.

She keyed in quick response. I'm sure it's difficult to be away from home.

His response came back instantaneously. It's difficult to be away from you."
Pg. 133-134

This is part of the 3:AM Kisses Series, following Laney Sawyer and Ryder Capwell. 

Guys, you know me. I love reunited love stories. I'm a sucker. I think they're great. Can we skip the making fun of me part and just get into this novella? Okay. Thanks. 

Laney and Ryder were meant to be until Ryder breaks her heart and crushes her dreams of ever having a real future with him. A year later, the drama department is having an auction and Laney's up for grabs. Ryder can't help but bid on her, he just wants her back. He wants to explain that what she thinks she saw really wasn't what she believed. If she'd just give him the chance ...

He wants to show her that he loves her and he'd do anything to get her back. She just wants to move on. She just needs one last fling to get him off her mind, but of course that's not how it really works. 

You do not have to read 3:AM Kisses in order to follow this story, but I still highly recommend it. This novella is  super short, so you'll be able to finish it within the night. 

I love Addison Moore's style and her characters are always relatable and the chemistry is undeniable. Laney is a riot! 


"I have a very strict do-not-use-the-asshole's-name-in-my-presence rule, and if you should feel the need, kindly replace his moniker with Bastard, or what he's more formally known as, Rat Bastard." 
Pg. 14

"It's a serious mindf*ck because on one hand I'm flaunting my cleavage trying to convey this clever dialogue through song while I'm really off somewhere in my brain having hot make-up sex and simultaneously strangling my ex."
Pg. 20 

"Sometimes you need to say things with actions, you need to show one another that the inherent promises a relationship entails are going to be kept." 
Pg. 88

Okay, so this cover totally looks photoshopped and like something out of a Fabio book, but don't judge a book by its cover. Yet another reunion fic, I know I have problems. Sue me. 

Valerie Zuniga and Alex Moreno were high school sweethearts, but it was just about no-strings attached hooking up. There was no real relationship, or at least not one that they talked about too much. But when Valerie thinks Alex is hooking up with other girls and lying to her face about it, she leaves him and tries to forget all about the pain that he put her through. 

The year they spend apart is spent trying to forget each other. Valerie is working her way to the top in the real estate business, and Alex drowned himself in self-pity and his family business. But when a wedding brings them back together, Alex realizes he's not letting her go this time. 

Clearly, it's not that easy. Together they face a stalker who's eerily obsessed with Valerie, and a poor guy who just can't catch a break since he pines for her. Who can compete with a hot head like Alex? 


"Valerie felt her insides churning.

'To moving on.' Isabel held out her wine glass.

Valerie clinked it with her glass. 'To moving on.'

She was really moving on. Somehow, she thought she'd feel more excited or at the very least relieved. Something heavy settled in her stomach as she took a sip of er wine. But it wasn't relief and most certainly not excitement."
Pg. 100

"If she woke up in her bed and this all had been a dream, she was going to kill someone."
Pg. 170

"Great, now he'd have to explain he was calling to talk to him about his love life. 'I heard about what happened today. I just wanted to see how you were doing'.'

Another pause from Romero, 'What are you? Dr. Phil now?'"
Pg. 185

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