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July was a month of listening to a lot of Spotify Radio, mainly because I didn't really get a chance to make my playlists for the weeks. I like to start each week with a new playlist of songs for work and driving, but I've been so busy that I really just didn't have the time. Now, normally I hate listening to any kind of radio, but Spotify is an exception.

Their radio can sometimes be a little repetitive, but if you're like me and love listening to the same songs over and over again, you'll love their radio services. They always seem to hit the nail directly on the head when it comes down to my mood for whatever music I want to listen to. 

While the genre punk rock can bring many different bands to your frame of mind, any punk rock playlist is not complete with Blink-182 (I'm not even going to touch Tom DeLonge's departure, it's just too painful to talk about it still). 

But it's simple. You have to have Blink on any punk rock playlist. They're such a huge influence to just about any alternative, rock, or punk band you're listening to. I love Tom Delonge's voice, which is why you see Angels and Airwaves on here. I remember having my first MP3 and an AA song came on it for free; I listened to that song until I was sick of it and could recite the lyrics in my sleep.

Amber Pacific and The Startling Line aren't technically punk, but these songs popped up on one of my radio stations and I remember listening to them all the time in middle school. TSL is more pop-punk, but can sometimes be a little more pop than punk for me.

Cute by Taking Back Sunday is one of my other punk favorites, and a summer without listening to this song at full volume with your windows down is just not a summer at all. If you can't scream all of these lyrics, you're doing something wrong and must go memorize them right now! 

Anti-Flag is another great band for your punk cravings. I first discovered this band when I purchased a CD at Warped Tour. It was a Hopeless Records sampler CD with a ton of their bands (like over 50 songs or something like that), and this was another song that I played to death. 

What have you listened to this past month? 

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