Father's Day Gift Guide

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Father's Day Gift Guide

I know Father's Day is only two days away, but I figured that if you wanted to add something to your dad's gift, any of these would make great additions.

1. Chromecast.
If your dad loves Netflix or frequently watches car videos on YouTube, this is the gift for your father. My dad's just gotten into Netflix and all of the TV shows he can catch up with. This is great for taking your streaming all around your house.

2. Barbecue/Grilling set.
Now that it's summer, your dad is probably grilling a lot. I know even in the winter my dad loves to use the grill. Get him a nice set in a portable, travel-friendly case. Or if he's into cooking, getting him a nice knife set or pans.

3. Corny mug.
For those typical, goofy dads. My dad is an avid corny mug collector. Our cabinet is filled with South of the Border mugs, mugs with stupid puns, golfing mugs, etc. It's also very practical if he drinks coffee every morning.

4. Car book.
Not only is he a mug collector, but my dad is a car collector as well. He loves classic cars and has turned every car he's ever got into a collectible. Camaro's are his favorite, he's got 4/6 generations and is working on getting the remaining 2. There are ton of car books online or at Barnes & Noble.

5. Custom six pack.
Even if your dad isn't a beer kind of guy, he'll still appreciate this on those hot days after work. A six pack will last my dad six months. One of the new favorites for this year is Not Your Father's Root Beer, which can be found at Shoprite. The great thing about these build-your-own six packs is that you can choose from a huge variety and get them whatever you like! 

What did you guys get your dads?

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