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I've finally caved in to the beautiful BaubleBar ... 

If you don't know what BaubleBar is, it's an online jewelry website that specializes in statement pieces as well as beautiful dainty ones too. On Monday's and Friday's, they have Buried Baubles that are discounted just for that day until they run out! 

This beautiful chain statement necklace was last Friday's Buried Bauble! I wound up purchased a couple of other pieces as well for their Memorial Day Sale. 

I love pairing these glamorous statement necklaces with my band T's. This Crystal Ray Collar was priced into the $40s, but because of the Buried Bauble sale I got it for only $15! The best part of BB is how luxurious it feels. The necklaces are of great quality and come with individual bags and packaged with cute tissue paper. 

This necklace is absolutely stunning. 

I love charm bracelets, but hate wearing bracelets since they always get in the way so I was so happy when I saw that BaubleBar had charm necklaces that you could customize. 

They sell everything individually. You start with your style of chain and pick charms from three different sizes. I think this is such a cute idea! 

The chains come in gold and are priced at $16. Next you start at small charms ($6) and can go to medium charms ($8). Large charms are $12. Each charm and the chain came with its own bag and safely protected in bubblewrap and plastic baggies. 

The best thing about these charm necklaces is that you can get six charms and have a million different necklaces in one. This arrow (medium charm) is the cutest style to wear to give you a bit of an edge with such a dainty piece. 

This disc charm (small) makes a simple, everyday necklace for the casual girl in mind. 

It's no secret I love anything that's monogrammed and initialed. I've been wanting a name necklace for the longest time, but I really love this K initial pave charm (small charm). I think I'm also going to pair this with the disc charm pictured above. 

I've been wearing this nonstop since I received my order. I love arrows and everything that they symbolize (large charm). 

What girl doesn't love mermaids, right? When I saw this was still in stock on their website, I had to get it (large charm)! I absolutely love how feminine it is. 

Needless to say, I am absolutely amazed by BaubleBar now. I love the company! I ordered my items on Friday and received them Tuesday, which I think is super fast shipping for an in-demand company.   With the Memorial Day sale, I got the charms and chain for under $40. I love the quality of the jewelry and how cute and original the pieces are. 

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