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Today is all about my favorite accessories! 

I'm not one to spend too much time on my outfit; it's usually just comfy and simple but I like to wear a view pieces of jewelry that make my outfit more 'me.' 

Like I said, I'm a simple girl. Most of the time I'm wearing jeans or leggings and a band T-shirt. Sometimes a sweater if it's cold. 

But, to add a girly element to my look, I've got a few pieces I love to wear. 

I wear this watch every single day. If I leave the house without it, I feel naked. It's the Michael Kors Silicone Runway Rose Gold Chronograph watch. I got this almost two years ago, but I think when I bought it was already discontinued. You can still get this in a black on black color, but I'm sure you could find similar watches online as well! This watch is perfect for being casual and glam without overdoing it. 

This necklace is from Ulta when they give away a free gift with the purchase of a fragrance. I got this when I went to get my Marc Jacobs perfume. This makes the perfect statement necklace to layer over plain T-shirts and blouses! I love that this symbolizes 'good luck' with the infinity sign and wishbone. 

I don't wear any bracelets because I can't wear nickel without breaking out, so I like to bring attention to my hands with rings. I like to mix silver and gold metals because I don't think it matters if you do, and who cares if people think different? The silver pearl ring is something I picked up from Florida on my last vacation. I handpicked the pearl! It was such a cool experience to "design" your own jewelry. The gold, pink opal ring is a hand-me-down from my mother, which makes it extra special to me. 

As you can tell, I love statement necklaces. I'm saving my favorite for last. I purchased necklace this around Black Friday from Wicked Clothes. I have been in love with dinosaurs since I was three-years-old. It's been a nonstop obsession since then - part of me still wants to be a paleontologist! This was the perfect necklace for me! It lays so nicely on your chest and I always get compliments on it! 

The key to finding your own accessories that will make you stand apart from the crowd is to just look for pieces that define you. Find unique pieces; they don't have to be high end. Look everywhere! Some of my favorite places to find everyday accessories are Wicked Clothes, Old Navy and Charming Charlie, but you can find great pieces everywhere, even on Amazon! Find something that you're going to want to wear every day and will absolutely hate leaving the house without them! 

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