Jurassic World Vacation Lookbook

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Jurassic World Vacation Cookbook

I know this was about one too many lookbooks for this week but I thought this would be a fun idea since Jurassic World comes out today!

I created these five looks for a Jurassic World vacation - because who would't want to go to a dinosaur theme park with actual living creatures? Maybe just me, because I've been fascinated with dinosaurs since I was a little kid and still am. I guess the closest I'll get to a real Jurassic World is Islands of Adventure, which is where I vacationed last year. Rumor has it they just put in a permanent animatronic velociraptor!

Of course I had to throw in a graphic Jurassic Park Tee (Outfit #1 is actually what I wore to the movie  premiere with my brother, except I just switched out Vans for Birkens).

And in homage to my favorite movie I had to put together an Ellie Sattler outfit mirrored off of hers in the movie, but I just threw in the backpack for fun and practical purposes.

Since both the books and their movie counterparts were made in the 90's, I thought this shirt was appropriate to wear.

This is just for my girly girls who love to dress in florals for the summer. The sandals might not be too practical for a real vacation in a theme park, but you live and learn, right?

This last outfit will work for any scenario or vacation situation. I love super laid-back, casual outfits because these are usually the comfiest. Birkens are super comfy for all day wear. Last year I wore mine to Universal and was on my feet for 12+ hours without any complaints (Except for that awful humidity, but what can you do).

I saw this last night and oh my god was it crazy! I loved it so much that I'm seeing it again tonight and Monday too haha. They had a lot of little throwbacks to the first Jurassic Park and the I. Rex reminded me of the carnotaurus's from the second book (Sorry, I am a huge Jurassic fan).  Chris Pratt as Owen Grady is my new man crush and he's just perfect. Go see it when you have the chance!

Would you guys ever visit Jurassic World if it were a real place? Remember, if something's chasing you ... RUN! 

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